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Select "Loyalty Deal" to incentivize repeat customers.

These promotions are offered upon a set number of check-ins. Select "Charity Deal" to make a charitable donation upon each customer purchase; this can be beneficial to your business's image. Define your offer, which includes a Facebook Deal summary and claiming instructions.

Specify run dates and restrictions for your offer.

Use the calendar options to determine a start date and time, as well as an end date and time for your deal. Promote your Facebook Deal. Upon review, which typically takes two business days, Facebook notifies you via email of the status. Promote your offer by posting status updates on your business page's Timeline or by running a Facebook ad. Link the ad directly to your Facebook Places business page and target a local demographic. Be sure to highlight the features of your offer in the ad title and body.

Carolyn Luck has developed an extensive technical background in social media, online marketing, event planning, business development and small business management while serving as editor of "iMarketing Magazine. Skip to main content. Tips Facebook Deals appear to members browsing Facebook on their mobile devices searching nearby Facebook Places.

You can only run one Facebook Deal at a time.

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Explain your Facebook Deal redemption process to your employees prior to the start date. Offer your customers a value of at least 10 to 50 percent off, or a gift with purchase. If someone does need a revision post-publishing, disable and create a new offer ad.

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More often than not, these sell out, given the lower quantity enticing higher demand. Simple economics here, but it works.

How to Get Check-ins and Reviews on Your Facebook Page

To set a limit on the number of offers you have available, input a quantity in the Total Offers Available option to set a maximum. Please note, if you are using unique promo codes and setting limits, the Total Offers Available cannot exceed the number of unique codes that you upload. If you are running an in-store offer, be mindful of your location targeting. Test out timely Facebook offer ads with cold audiences as a way to get them into your funnel and familiarized to your brand. What could be easier as a first-time incentive to try you out and see how great your products are?

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Typically, when people are interested in something, unfamiliarity and price are deterrents from them opening up their wallets and converting. If you have a higher priced product or are struggling to get users to convert sooner, test out Offer Ads and see if that helps your sales volume and reducing your conversion window time.

How Verizon Media and our partners bring you better ad experiences

Prefer to not give a discount to cold audiences upon first touch and potentially mismanage expectations between customers and your pricing? Run other campaign types in order to drive conversions at full price. If your warmer audiences are lingering and not converting, Facebook offer ads can then step in to save the day in converting these users. With remarketing, you can certainly get as creative as you like with your Facebook targeting option s.

Make it easy for your audiences to overcome any hesitation in opening their wallets by providing a valuable deal. Offers are just an extra tool you have to test out, if and when the time is right. Image via giphy. With over stores across the US, GoWireless—an official partner of Verizon—sells smartphones, tablets, headphones, and monthly Verizon service plans. With the help of Facebook offer ads, they did just that.

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  • How to Get Check ins and Reviews on Your Facebook Page?

Between November and January, nearly 50, Facebook users claimed an offer promoted by GoWireless—a 10X increase compared to the number of claims they had driven using plain old link ads. Those are some serious results! Now you know Facebook offer ads—how to set them up, how to use them effectively, and how to reach audiences throughout your funnel to grow your business.

So, go forth, set them up, and get people shopping on and offline by offering them a deal! As someone who lives for connecting people, making the connection between consumers and brands is what Akvile DeFazio, president of AKvertise , a social media advertising agency, does best.

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As a conversion driven marketer, she is passionate about helping businesses expand their online visibility and reach their goals via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest Ads. Home Blog. Last updated: August 12, Social Media.

Akvile DeFazio.