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Lunch and dinner have specific time slots, while snacks are available any time from open to close. One Reddit user claims that employees will allow a minute grace period if you miss the window, but you're better off eating at the right times to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Over the last several years, Six Flags has offered a special discount on admission on July 11th, in honor of 7-Eleven Day. Though the deal isn't worth it in some locations, many of the parks stay open 'til 10 p. Plus, you'll get a free Slurpee out of the deal. Six Flags is partnered with food brands like Ortega, Post, Kraft, and Polly-O, and you'll often find discount offers right on the packaging that you buy at the grocery store.

Be sure to inspect your taco shells, cereals, and string cheese packages before tossing them. To skip in-park food purchases completely, you'll just have to do a bit of prep before hitting the roller coasters. No outside food is allowed in the park, so pack a cooler with plenty of ice and fill it with drinks, sandwiches, and snacks — then when you're ready for a midday break, head back to the car to eat.

The best part is you won't have to wait in line for your food. Between the summer heat and sprinting from ride to ride, you're definitely going to be thirsty during a day at the theme park. Though it's an easy thing to forget, bringing your own reusable water bottle is a simple way to save cash. Pick one with a carabiner attached if you'd rather not hold it all day.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The choice is yours. Then, once you buy it, you will show your phone at the gate as this will act as your entry ticket.

How to Buy Six Flags Magic Mountain Discount Tickets

And as mentioned, your card timer will start to roll the minute you attend your first attraction, so you will want to make sure you use it wisely and schedule your attractions ahead of time! You check out all of the cities as well as the attractions here. As this happens a lot more than you think, check out eBay to see if you can find anyone unloading their tickets. For example, when I checked out eBay , I found this listing:.

To see the current Six Flags discounted tickets on eBay, you can view the current listings here. These deals are rare. And to find a grocery store, almost any major chain, again, near the park, will have the cans in stock as long as Coca-Cola is running the promotion. Generally available during the summer months, all you need to do to take advantage of the offer is simply by bringing the can, preferably empty, to the box office before you buy your tickets.

Want $5 free?

For example, as I writing this, the amusement park would let you get the rest of the year free if you purchased a season pass and showed a Coca-Cola can at the gate. So be sure to try the code out to see if it knocks a few dollars off.

Like the Coca-Cola cans, Six Flags often partners up with certain brands to offer you additional savings. And this can include promotional codes to use online or even a paper ticket you can bring to the gate. From my research, the partnerships will greatly vary, but the amusement park has worked with the following brands in the past:. Sometimes, Costco will have Six Flags tickets up for sale at a discounted rate, usually next to the discounted gift cards and other attractions toward the front of the store.

Popular Stores With Coupons

Aside from the Coca-Cola method I mentioned above, many grocery store chains, again, nearby the park will offer heavily discounted tickets when you purchase in store at the customer service desk. Or if you head to the gate with a valid military I. Now, you may be wondering how you can get a promo code and how much you could save if you had one. However, if you want to test your luck, I recommend you check out the following coupon code websites to see if you can find a valid promo as they will consistently keep their inventory fresh, helping you save money:.

Read to Succeed is an exciting program which encourages your child, grades K through 6, to read for fun. Purchasing your tickets at the gate will ALWAYS be the most expensive option, so I highly recommend you avoid this at all costs as you will never save any money buying directly at the gate. With a few tiers available, I did break down the inclusions as you will get more than just admission to the park, as seen in the screenshot below. Also, keep in mind that the prices, much like the admission prices noted above, will greatly vary depending on the location you choose.

Use these prices as an average. If a season pass is of interest, I highly recommend you wait until Six Flags holds a sale as this is a way to take advantage of even more benefits, such as free upgrades, free parking, additional months, free food, etc. Offer something in exchange, such as paying for a meal or even giving them money for the tickets.

How Can I get Cheap Six Flags Tix?

If you work with a larger corporation, check with human resources to see if they potentially partnered up with a company called TicketsAtWork. In short, this company partners with thousands of corporations and offers special discounts on many travel perks, including Six Flags tickets, all for a rate much cheaper than what the general public can receive. Again, to create an account, you will need an access code from your Human Resources department.

For more information, refer to this FAQ to see how you can take advantage. Or if you want to do a pinch more work, visit the hotel websites in the area to see if any packages exist.

You could even call the hotels as some offer ticket packages and a free shuttle to the park, helping you avoid the parking fees. Bundling your hotel and tickets can be a good deal in some cases, but not always, so I recommend you price the tickets and hotel room separately first to see if the bundle makes sense.

Does Six Flags still offer a discount if you bring in a Coke can? : StLouis

Again, if going this route, do so at your own risk and always make sure you meet in a safe area such as a police station. And since this community is pretty fast at finding deals on just about anything, you may want to set up an alert to notify you in the case of a Six Flags deal. That way, you can act on it before it expires. If you truly want to be frugal, consider taking some pictures and printing your favorites at home.

The Flash Pass is a premium perk which allows the system to hold a place in line so you can spend more time around the park.